One Day till Dead

It's one year from the day I tried to kill myself

It's crazy what happens in a year, but I'll never forget that day as if it was yesterday.

I'm so grateful and happy that it's not the same feeling that I had 364 days ago.

My whole world is at 180 I'm on a different side of the country in Nevada.

I have no business, I barely work out, my health is not that good, I'm on 7000 types of medications ,but my mindset is better.

I spent all my time with my kids, I'm doing another hobby that I haven't done in a long time, more focused on my family.

So those are the upsides are spending more time with my family?

Those are good and bad sides to this for sure.

Everything's different although it's been a year, it's hard to accept the changes that we make.

It's hard to accept the change that's created for us.

And all we can do is go with the swing.

Because the more I try to resist the change, the more unhappy I become.

Not saying that I'm happy, not saying that I'm content, but where I am now...

is way better than where I was.

So I'm grateful for that.