Love, Dad

The pain of rejection,

The pain of failing,

The pain of broken heart,

The pain of insignificance,

This pain is numbing.

These are the thoughts that rip through my mind

"You gave up"

"You lost everyone"

"You are the reason they are all gone"

"Leave them all before they all leave you"

The inner voices of rejection and judgment

This is not your fault

Maybe you were placed here to help protect you from something

Maybe you were placed here to help protect you from something you were gonna do

Maybe you were placed here to protect your family.

Your roles have changed dramatically and it’s very difficult to cope with but...

You are here to make sure the kids are raised right and not the way you were.

You are here to show the kids the love and care they deserve.

You are here to influence the structure they need to grow in this world.

You are here to instill the values you believe in to help them become good human beings.

Your role my have changed, but it doesn’t mean that you are insignificant.

You are training your children to live in this world

Showing them love,

Showing them fun,

Showing them right and wrong,

You are doing what you truly value and that’s creating good human beings.

Sure you may not me helping 30,000 people like you have been conditioned to but...

You are helping the most important people in your life

You are helping them know they have a good mother and father.

You are helping them know they can always come to you.

You are helping them know that you will always love them.

You cannot replace what you are doing now with anything.

You are here with them to see them grow and creating memories.

And that, they will never forget.

I love you guys

Love ,

Dad 🖤