The pressure the get up of the couch

The thoughts of doing something to get up

The whirlwind of emotions just trying to be productive

I tell myself

“Get up”

“Just move”

“Roll over and stand”


The feeling of being paralyzed followed but the bombardment thoughts of guilt.

Here comes more judgment. Laziness that turns to anger.

Anger at myself for not being able to control my own thoughts and physicality

Let’s try this again

"Get up”

“Just move”

“Roll over and stand”


What the fuck is going on

Why can’t I just move

I'm telling my body to get on its feet

I'm telling my body to at least make an attempt

Fuck it I’ll just stay here

Winds turn to hurrinace

My thoughts are whipping around my head so fast I cant keep up with them

As the thoughts move faster so does the beating of my heart.

I stopped breathing

I cant breathe

I’m gonna die


Take a breathe

Slow it down

This will pass

The storm will be over soon

Grab a palm tree

Hold on tight and just breathe

Is it over?



"Get up”

“Just move”

“Roll over and stand”